Beersmith 2 licensnyckel

169 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
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Licensnyckel till BeerSmith 2 för Mac, PC och Ubuntu Linux (Debian package). Du laddar hem programmet  och aktiverar det med licensnyckeln. 

surfa till:   tryck på: "Download BeerSmith free 21 day trial!" knappen o ladda ner programmet! Sen använder du licensnyckeln du köpt för att registrera progammet. 

Licensnyckeln får du via mail när vi har markerat ordern som betald. Du kan använda din licensnyckel på upp till två olika datorer, så länge som det är för privat bruk. 

Om du köper enbart licensnyckel blir det givetvis ingen fraktkostnad. Du" väljer avhämtning" kassan så att  fraktkostnaden blir 0 kr.

BeerSmith Home Brewing Software:
Find out how to design world class beers at home, improve your brewing experience and simplify your brewing day. As you gain in experience, BeerSmith grows with you.

Feature List:
Fun, fast and easy to use!
Tabbed browsing
Macintosh, Ubuntu and Windows
Build recipes quickly
Match your favorite beer style
Brewing from beginner to expert
Metric and international language support
Improve your brewing experience
Generate step-by-step instructions
Organize and share your recipes
New fermentation and carbonation profiles
Go shopping, track inventory
Schedule your brewing
Brew more and worry less
Match your equipment
Over a dozen calculators and tools
Expand BeerSmith 2 with add-ons
Software that grows with you
Runs under Windows 7, Vista and XP, and on all Intel-based Macs with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or higher
Take the guesswork out of brewing, and start brewing better beer today!