Easter Brew Chocolate Stout Ölsats Bulldog Brews

329 kr
Inkl. 12% Moms
Slut i lager
Ger 23 god Choklad Stout. 

Easter Brew Chocolate Stout is a new addition to the Bulldog Brews superquality range of beer making kits. With its 4.2 kgs of malt extract, it is a very solid stout with heavy malty flavours and with a perfect dash of chocolate. We include finishing hops in teabag technology of course, for ease of use.

Everything you need is in the box. No sugar is required, except a small amount for priming after fermentation

Color: 90-100 EBC
Bitterness: 40-50 EBU
OG: 1.061
ABV: 6,0%
Hops: Sovereign