Mauribrew Draught

29 kr
Inkl. 12% Moms
Kommentar till butiken:
Finns i lager
Top fermenting yeast
Temperature range: 13-22°C
Alcohol tolerance: up to 9.0% ABV
Heavily flocculent / very good sedimentation
Aromatic profile: at high temperatures with high gravity wort, Mauribrew Draught enhances the fruity character of the beer. At low temperatures this yeast produces a clean finish with a low ester profile, enabling the character of hop and malt to come through.

Application: Mauribrew Draught is popular for its versatility and can thus be used for many different beer styles eg. French ales, English milds or Belgian blonds. It sediments heavily, hence it produces very clear products and is therefore suited for ‘cask conditioning’.

Dosage: 50-100 g/hL

Use: rehydrate the yeast by dispersing it in 5 to 10 times its volume of water (37-40°C). Wait 15 to 30 minutes (max), then adjust the temperature before adding the wort to it. Best results with wort of 15°C or higher. Temperature difference of 5°C max between yeast and wort.