Roeselare ale blend Wyeast 3763

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Inkl. 12% Moms
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Beer Styles: Lambics, Geuze, Fruit Lambic, Flanders Red Ale
Our blend of lambic cultures produces beer with a complex, earthy profile and a distinctive pie cherry sourness. Aging for up to 18 months is required for full flavor profile and acidity to develop. Will produce a very dry profile due to super-attenuative nature of the mixed cultures.
Attenuation 80%+
Alc. Tolerance 11%
Flocculation variable
Temperature Range 65-85ºF (18-30ºC)

förjäsbarhet: 80%
alkoholtolerans: 11%
flockning: varierande
jästemperatur: 18-30°C