Belgian Tripel Mangrove Jack's M31

39 kr
Inkl. 12% Moms
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Provides a fantastic complex marriage of spice, fruity esters, phenolics and alcohol. It is also very attenuative with a high alcohol tolerance making it perfect for a range of Belgian styles.

Suitable for Belgian Tripel Style and Trappist style beers.

Aroma Characteristics:
Belgian Tripel has a fantastic heavily fruity aroma, married perfectly with light spice and esters it is massively complex, spicy, estery and phenolic.

Flavor/Mouthfeel Characteristics:
Belgian beers fermented with this strain will finish phenolic and dry, they will also exhibit fruity and very complex ester characters. These characters exhibit a beautiful marriage of spice and fruit estery alcohol goodness.

Higher Alcohol Beers:
High alcohol beers are this strain’s bread and butter, with a high alcohol tolerance, strong beers just create excellent flavor and aroma characteristics.

förjäsbarhet: 82 - 88 % och högre
alkoholtolerans: 10 % och över
flockning: 3/5
jästemperatur: 18 - 28 °C (64 - 82 °F)

1.050-uppåt OG = 2 jästpaket