Viking Karamellmalt 600 EBC

32 kr
Inkl. 12% Moms
Kommentar till butiken:
 Viking Caramel Malts are made from green malt . A high degree of caramelization is characteristic of this malt. The amylolytic activity of Caramel Malts is zero. Maillard products formed in the process can act as antioxidants and contribute to flavor stability. Caramel Malts usually improve foam quality and head retention.
Caramel Malts are well suited for winter beers, ale-type beers and other aromatic beers like dark lagers and stouts. Small amounts can be used for color adjustment and flavor enrichment of pale lagers as well. Compared to Cara Plus, Caramel Malts have a stronger character.

Malt Specification:
Moisture % - max. 6.0
Extract fine % dm - min. 68.0
Color °L - 206-244

Lovibond101 - 200 L