Bavarian Wheat M20

Tillverkare: Mangrove Jack's
Lagerstatus: Ej i lager
Artikelnr: P-AJ-0039
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Active Dried Brewing Yeast promoting high levels of esters and clove phenolics for enhanced complexity of German-style wheat beer

A classic top-fermenting yeast suited for brewing a range of German Weizens as well as Belgian Witbier. It has a very low flocculation rate and a clean, “yeasty” aroma which makes it ideal for beers that are traditionally served cloudy. This yeast creates beer with a low to completely dry level of sweetness, medium body with a silky mouth feel, and a delicious banana and spice aroma.

Observable traits:

Aroma Characteristics:
Lots of classic banana and clove esters, balanced with clove and cinnamon-like phenolic aromas; these aromas tend to overwhelm any malt or hops character in the beer. Only intense chocolate or roast malt aromas in dark ales will overcome.

Flavor/Mouth Feel Characteristics:
While this strain has only a moderate tendency to attenuate, the final beer will not be sweet. Instead, it will have a creamy, silky mouth feel and full, rich, but medium- not heavy- body. Most caramel and complex malt flavors are stripped away by this strain. Deep roast and chocolate flavors will show through. Slight acidity produced greatly enhances wheat
malt characteristics.

Higher Alcohol Beers:
In higher alcohol beers, the phenolic character presented by this strain becomes a bit smoky and esters burst forth. Low attenuation rate may result in a sweet beer.

förjäsbarhet: medel
alkoholtolerans: N/A
flockning: låg
jästemperatur: 18-30 °C
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