Belgian Wit M21 Mangrove Jack's

This yeast has a slightly suppressed Belgian character presenting as phenolic and dry, fruity and very complex character. The mouthfeel is smooth, light, dry and cri
Tillverkare: Mangrove Jack's
Lagerstatus: 3 st i lager
Artikelnr: P-AJ-0969
39,00 kr /st
A traditional, top-fermenting yeast that has a good balance between fruity esters, and warming spice phenolics. The yeast will leave some sweetness, and will drop bright if left long enough.

Belgian Wit yeast presents a very light spice with a hint of bubble-gum character, this yeast works exceptionally well with botanics.

With a medium attenuation this strain will struggle with high alcohol beers over 8% ABV and may become stressed.

Suitable for Witbier, Grand Cru, Spiced Ales and other specialty beers.

Förjäsbarhet: 70 - 75 %
Alkoholtolerans: 8 %
Flockning: 2/5
Jästemperatur: 18 - 25 °C (64 - 77 °F)
Tillverkare: Mangrove Jack's
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